Church of the Holy Cross

Church of the Holy Cross

Church of the Holy Cross or church of Exaltation of the Cross is one of the most interesting Grodno churches. It is first mentioned around 1480 as a parish church on Podol. Podol is an unprotected part of Grodno on the lower plateau of the right bank of the Neman. The location of the church was accurately defined by inventory books and two images at ancient engravings.

One of the engravings presents information about wooden round church, which Russians had at their suburbs. The engraving of 1568 depicts the church as “the Russian wooden church in the suburbs”. Its round form contravenes the shape of the wooden carcass structure. It probably consisted of vertical bars, which were covered with boards on the outside.
Existence of rock-mount structure churches on the territory of Belarus is supported by 1588 inventory. This inventory was composed for the Leshchinsky monastery near Pinsk.

Unfortunately, even excavation is unlikely to determine the architectural and constructive features of this church, which was on the bank of the Neman “in the place where the military barracks are”. And it is not realistic to found marks of wooden church after building such huge construction as military barrack.

In 1674, the Uniate Metropolitan Cyprian Zhakhovsky gave the church land of the “brotherhood of Garbars”, on which the church was located, to monks and bare Carmelites.

Carmelites has held masses for short time there. But at the time of new church building in the early 18th century it was completely ruined.

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