Dominican Cathedral

Dominican Cathedral of the Virgin Mary Rosary.


Cathedral is the most mysterious part of the Dominican complex. Rebuilt monasteries buildings have been preserved to this day. But the church was destroyed almost completely. From well-known written sources follows that a stone church at a wooden monastery with organization of a stone house on the modern street Sovietkaya Street was opened May 22, 1633. About existence a church of this period no records were found.

It was significantly rebuilt in 1708. With the view of “new” cathedral after 1708 is much simpler. The front facade can be easily reconstructed, thanks to figures on the photo and drawings. Exceptions are only wooden circles of towers that were destroyed by the fire in 1782. After that period they did not reconstruct.

It’s easy to reconstruct cathedral plan knowing exact sizes, forms of religious buildings. We also know that the southern part of the cathedral with columns, chapels, tower, transition gallery and asymmetric placement of windows on it are on planning of the gymnasium building. Two triads of windows on the north of the gymnasium’s facade are wide arches between central nave and chapels, which were breached on a place of some windows of the “old” cathedral.

After 1708 walls of the “old” cathedral were raised and second row of windows appeared on the central nave. It’s all is clearly visible at the picture by Napoleon Orda. In particular there is a semicircular shape of windows; most likely similar shape was in the chapels. Such form of chapel windows allows placing altars with a highlight at the top. Apse with a central nave is under one roof, as just seen on the photo.

Gymnasium, county and parish school were held at the Dominican monastery. There were 336 students and 18 teachers. And there was an extensive library and a physical laboratory.

It was nearly destroyed in 1875. There is only south part of a wall as structural necessity for the adjacent buildings.

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