Lower Castle Church

Lower church

Primordial Christian church of Grodno existed on the territory of the Old Castle in the 12th century. It was found during archaeological excavations in 30’s of the 20th century.

It refers to the Grodno architecture school together with Borisoglebskaya and Prechistenskaya churches of Grodno, as well as the church in Volkovysk. Allowable reconstruction of church is done according to the example of similar objects of this era, and also according to the planning features of found remains.

The church was six-columned, three-naved with three apses and was 18.4 m. long and 11.7 m. wide. The corners of the building are cut off. Church foundation was made of small stones without lime opar what is commonly called “dry stone” method. Walls of the church survived only on the height about 2-3.5 m.

Also a part of floor was found which is decorated with ornament made of glazed ceramic tiles.

You can find the remains of the church in a separate pavilion of the Old Castle Museum.

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